The Italian star visagist and image designer will create the demanding trend make- up for fashion designer Torsten Amfts fashion show. Directly from the Milan Fashion Week, the sympathetic italian comes to slip in a part of his professional artistic work. Among other celebrities the world-famous actress Ornella Muti, the opera diva Lucia Aliberti, and the James Bond actress Caterina Murino were successfully adviced by Mannozzi. Clients of Marco Mannozzi are for example the international fashion company Elegance Paris.

The hair artist becomes known through its spectacular hairdos at Paco Rabanne Paris. The German hair artist,who styled among others the Pussycat Dolls during their tour, will create the hair-does for the trend show. Already for years he develops trends for hair magazines and constantly develops new techniques. A main focus he align on the intact hair and care. One more reason to choose him for the trend show.

The Berlin fashion designer undoubtedly belongs to the most innovative and trendy designers of Germany. His recent trend collections with titles like "Voodoo" and "climate change" belong to the most discussed shows in the progressive international fashion scene. Almost always his trend shows stand under a social aspect. The fashion maker sees himself primarily as a fashion artist. For Torsten Amft progressive fashion needs a statement. If fashion will be internationally accepted as an art form, it must have a spirit. He consistently differs from fashionable clothing and clothing from the highest level, the fashion art.

Most of the catwalk models who were part of this trend collection premiere had already worked by international productions and convince with their professionally and experience. Models like Vera Gafron and Franziska Scheffer has worked for the haute couture shows in Paris. Others, like Lisa W., Clara F., Stefanie M., Francisca B. or Juliana S. are on the best way to get international success.
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