The German fashion designer Torsten Amft present in his Fall / Winter 2008 - 2009 trend collection also fashion accents. The colors black, white and red dominate the entire collection. The material selection ranged from Cashmere on noble worsted up to the finest silk. Among his latest creations include elaborate dresses, elitist costumes, sporty coats and strictly classical blouses. Often, this high-quality clothing is decorated with cross printings, embroidery and Templar applications. As new trend accessories serve headbands from cashmere and silk tie with embroidered knots. The fashion designer demonstrate also in this collection much love for details and experimented with new fashion cuts. His new clothes creations have the right to create trends. The fashion designers made dresses, which are cut out where tattoos and piercings are to stress the body ornaments.

runway model Juliana in red templar costume    fashion model Lisa in noble black white Templar dress    Franziska Scheffer in black modern templar costume    Runway model Juliana in red noble dress

Vera Gafron in a white luxury dress    fashion model Francisca on the runway in white avant-garde dress    fashion model Jill in classic cashmere costume    catwalk fashion model Franciska in progressive Templar dress

fashion model Lisa in red avant-garde outfit    international fashion model Vera Gafron on the catwalk in white sporty Templar outfit    catwalk fashion model Clara in black Templar dress    fashion model Stephanie in a black luxury Templar dress
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